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Motherland Visiting


Mixed media

This work is about the first visit to Korea as a stranger.  The picture frame contains the list which I have written for several years before the visit. On the list I have written what I should do or wanted to do in Korea. Inside of the suitcase there are some empty boxes and wrappings of the things I have bought during the visit. On the wall you can find how I arranged a meeting with my ex whom I went out with 9 years ago. It is written in pencil in the form of a diary.

A part of the text on the wall:
...Due to the high cost of airline travel, I haven't been back to my country for the last three and half years. While here in France, I made a list of what I wanted to eat, what I wanted to buy, and the names of those that I wanted to see. Among these names was a person who I really wanted to see again. He was my ex-boyfriend. Therefore, I decided to see him at this time. Even though we haven't seen each other for 9 years, I was still able to find his phone number. ....

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