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Happy Holiday


150x100cm, c-print

A four-week project in which I took care of the plants of neighbours who were gone over the Christmas holiday season. After distributing in my neighbourhood pamphlets in which I announced plant-care services free of charge, I became responsible for the care of multiple plants while my neighbours were away on vacation.. Information such as the plant owners’ names and watering schedules were attached on the flowerpots respectively. The features of the plants over these four weeks in my private room were recorded with the room’s panorama.

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150x100cm, 컬러 출력

서양 최대의 명절인 성탄절휴가 기간 동안, 가족을 만나기 위해 여행을 떠나는 이웃들의 식물을 맡아 길러주는 4주간의 프로젝트. 연휴 기간 동안 무료로 식물을 길러 주겠다는 전단지를 이웃들에게 돌린 후, 맡게 된 식물들의 기록사진이다. 화분에는 식물 주인의 이름과, 물주기 방밥등이 적혀져 있다.

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